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Day One

Well I did it. I went to bed at a reasonable time, although sleep has not really been the issue as of late. But unlike recent nights, sleep came easy and was peaceful. A cool August night in Michigan, windows open, fan blowing, sound machine on, and the help of our little friend Ambien, and I slept soundly for the most part of a whole night! The alarm chirping in my ear was a welcome noise, sun danced through the dark curtains, and I did it. I got out of bed! Have managed to be more productive in 3 hours this am, than I have been in almost 2 weeks. To most it will seem like a small accomplishment, but to this girl it was a giant start in the right direction. Now to keep the productivity going:)

Snapping out of it…. Tomorrow… Maybe

It’s time… It has to happen… It’s not healthy for me, or anyone in my life. Time to snap the shit out of it. Enough sleeping the days away, accomplishing absolutely nothing, and having an extended pity party. Enough is enough. Time to find the happiness within myself. God, I have gotten through so much worse. So tomorrow is a new day, and I am embracing it. Setting the alarm, jumping in the shower, and facing the day head on! I’ve got this, I am a strong person. (A little self pep talk never hurt;)! Plus one more day without shaving and I am going to be mistaken for a man, or a hippy… Lol….

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